Theydon Bois Golf Club

Driving Membership Growth through Digital Transformation

Theydon Bois Golf Club partnered with Kickass Online to execute a rapid digital transformation, resulting in a modern website, engaging email and SMS campaigns, and unprecedented membership growth – all within a tight two-week turnaround. The club surpassed its annual new member target within six months and continues to foster a thriving, connected community.
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Website design and development

The Challenge

Theydon Bois Golf Club, a respected golf club in Essex, UK, approached Kickass Online with an urgent need for a new website after their previous developer failed to meet expectations and deadlines. With a tight turnaround time of just two weeks, our team was tasked with designing, building, and launching a website that would showcase the club's facilities, attract new members, engage the existing community, and drive sales.

Our Approach

Given the limited timeframe, our team at Kickass Online quickly mobilized to understand Theydon Bois Golf Club's unique requirements and develop a comprehensive digital strategy. We prioritised vital features and functionalities to deliver the most significant impact quickly.

Our design team worked closely with the club's stakeholders to create a visually appealing, user-friendly website that highlighted the club's stunning course, amenities, and membership benefits. We incorporated clear calls to action throughout the site to encourage visitors to inquire about membership and book tee times.

To further engage the club's community and drive sales, we implemented email marketing automations and a regular newsletter campaign. These targeted communications informed members about upcoming events, promotions, and club news, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging participation.

The Solution

The new Theydon Bois Golf Club website was launched within the two-week deadline. It features a modern, responsive design that effectively showcases the club's offerings. The site's intuitive navigation and compelling content make it easy for potential members to discover the benefits of joining the club and take action.

The email marketing automations and newsletter campaigns have been a game-changer for Theydon Bois Golf Club. With regular open rates exceeding 60% and click-through rates between 8-10%, these communications have kept the club's community engaged and informed, driving membership growth and event participation.

We also implemented a targeted SMS campaign to extend their reach further, achieving a remarkable 18% click-through rate on the first text. This multi-channel approach has allowed Theydon Bois Golf Club to connect with their audience effectively and drive desired actions.

The Results

The impact of the new website and digital marketing initiatives has been nothing short of impressive. In just six months since the website's launch, Theydon Bois Golf Club has welcomed over 40 new members, surpassing their initial target of 12 new members in a year. To date, the club has added over 60 new members, a testament to the success of the digital transformation efforts.

The email and SMS campaigns have kept the club's community engaged and directly contributed to membership growth and increased participation in club events and activities.


This case study demonstrates our team's ability to deliver results-driven digital solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs, no matter the timeframe. Through our partnership with Theydon Bois Golf Club, we have showcased the tangible impact that a comprehensive digital approach can have on membership growth and community engagement in the golf industry.

John Reeder

Club Manager, Theydon Bois Golf Club
When our previous developer let us down, we were in a bind. Pazbi and his team not only stepped up to the challenge but exceeded our expectations in every way. In just two weeks, they delivered a stunning website that perfectly captures the essence of our club. 

The email campaigns have been instrumental in growing our membership and keeping our community engaged. We've seen phenomenal results in a short period, and we couldn't be happier with our partnership