Is Your Website Running on Fumes?

Don't let a clunky site kick your business to the curb. Kickass Online's top-notch maintenance services keep your digital engine purring like a kitten.

Blazing-Fast Speed 🚀

We optimise your site to load faster than a cheetah on espresso. 
Say goodbye to bouncing visitors and hello to lightning-quick load times that'll keep 'em hooked.

Ironclad Security 🛡️

Our team of digital defenders work 24/7 to keep your site safe from hackers and malware. 
Sleep easy knowing your online fortress is virtually impenetrable.

Pinpoint Precision 🎯

From plugin updates to content tweaks, we fine-tune every aspect of your site to perfection. 
We'll keep your online presence in tip-top shape, so you can focus on kicking ass in your business.

Continued Success Program

Choose between our Essential or Plus plan

Essential Plan: Foundation for Success – £150

Our Essential plan is the cornerstone of a thriving website, guaranteeing speed, security, and optimization for seamless user experiences and top-notch search engine performance. Ideal for businesses committed to sustaining a robust online presence with maximum efficiency and unwavering reliability.
Cloudflare Set Up Value: £50
One Time
Google Analytics Set Up Value: £30
One Time
Website & Database Security Value: £50
Back Ups Value: £30
Emergency Website Monitoring Value: £30
Monthly Plugin Updates Value: £50
Monthly Form Testing Value: £30
Weekly Visual Check Value: £30
Unlimited Bug Fixes Value: Unlimited
All this can be yours for only £150 / month
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Plus Plan: Elevate and Excel – £300

Step up your game with our Plus plan, offering exclusive features crafted to propel businesses toward heightened web presence and accelerated growth. Tailored for those craving strategic insights, it encompasses all the benefits of the Essential Plan and goes further:
All the Essentian Plan Benefits +
Priority Support Value: £100
Hourly Work Discount Value: 15%
E-Commerce Value: £200
Strategic Check-In Meetings Value: £200
All this can be yours for only £300 / month
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